2. Catlateral Damage General hints and tipsUpdate notes


cn_X - Jump
cn_S - Meow / Grab Object
cn_L2 - Left Arm Swing
cn_R2 - Right Arm Swing
cn_L1 - Left Arm Push
cn_R1 - Right Arm Push

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Tips and Tricks

  • When going for the object scores, go for books, movies and plates before anything else. They are bulky and usually stacked in groups meaning more destruction.
  • On the mewsuem bonus level, go for the giant dinosaur, then pictures, then the giant eggs for a bigger score.
  • Save valuable time by collecting upgrades after the object score is reached. There's no timer to end the level once the objective is done.
  • Pushing objects while moving into them will clear them off shelves quicker than just sitting and swinging.
  • Objects that fall onto other objects won't count, so make sure to clean objects off of beds and tables after clearing shelves.
  • Grabbing a large object, like a pillow, can push larger amounts of items.
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