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Posted on 24 November 15 at 13:52
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Single Player

I won't be posting any spoilers in this section.

The campaign for Black Ops 3 is very different from what we are used to. The 'DNI', which is explained in the story itself, offers good special abilities in the form of 'cores'. These 'cores' give the user extra powers such as; hacking hostile equipment, strong melee attacks and more. This gives the single player an extra dimension and aids nicely in combat.

The storyline itself is a very Call of Duty cliché. Without spoiling the plot it goes a little like this. Rescue some guy, find out that somebody/something is bad, hunt down the bad person and then kill that person before they destroy the world. Sound familiar? It should, as that is the basis for every CoD story in the past years. The franchise need something fresh for the campaign.

The new difficulty ‘realistic’ is needlessly hard. The difficulty claims to be realistic, but is far from it. One shot to any part of the body and you are dead. You can occasionally survive a shot, but it is rare. Does that sound “realistic” to you?


Multiplayer is the main selling point for Call of Duty every year. So, what's new? As somebody who hasn't purchased a CoD game in 2 year I can say a lot has changed. Whether it is for the better is down to personal opinion.

The exo suit offers greater jumping abilities, better manoeuvrability and wall running. All these make the multiplayer much faster paced than what I'm used to. Having to check up the walls and on top of things usually unreachable, feels alien to me and is hard to get used to.

The weapons feel very balanced. There are no weapons in the game that feel much better than the rest. The all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some look very cool too.

This year you can select a specialist class. With your class you can either use a special weapon or obtain a special ability. The weapons or abilities charge up over time. They contribute to the online gameplay a lot, without being overpowering. They offer a breath of fresh air to multiplayer.


As somebody who doesn't play zombies too much it's kind of hard for me too review it well. The map seems huge compared to other zombie maps, with lots of places for the zombies to spawn in. This, along with the new alternate rounds with Margwas, parasites, etc..., makes for a challenging zombie experience.


Black Ops 3 doesn't feel like a Call of Duty game I'm used to. The futuristic theme doesn't fit with franchise we used to associate with World War games, like CoD: World at War. CoD are moving further and further away from its roots. The game needs to decide whether it is a serious FPS or a novelty FPS. At the moment it is somewhere in between and simply doesn't work.
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Posted on 15 February 18 at 16:54
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Honestly, this is the worst Call of Duty to have come out to date, Advanced Warfare and Ghosts were each 10X better than this sloppily put together piece of garbage. The campaign is terrible, the multiplayer is ridiculously unbalanced, and the zombies rely too heavily on nostalgia from the older games to try to be at least bearable. The only good zombies map is The Giant, and thats a map that has been in 3/4 other Black Ops games, in the form of Der Riese. The people who play online in this game must have severe mental damage, as they clearly can not see how disgustingly bad this game is in compairison to its predecessors, such ad [email protected], and BOII. NO-ONE BUY THIS ATROCITY OF A GAME.
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