Caladrius Blaze

Caladrius Blaze

PlayStation 4

Caladrius Blaze Trophies

Most Earned

Trembling Earth
Trembling Earth15TrophyTypeYou have destroyed Iris' Weylgandr! (Story Mode, Solo Play, within time)
Pouring Thunder
Pouring Thunder16TrophyTypeYou have destroyed Eleanor's Kychsrhea! (Story Mode, Solo Play, within time)
Princess' Conduct
Princess' Conduct16TrophyTypeYou have witnessed all of Iris' shame breaks. (Story Mode, Solo Play)
Darkness Abyss
Darkness Abyss16TrophyTypeYou have destroyed Milia's Gespeneris! (Story Mode, Solo Play, within time)

Least Earned

Fly Caladrius!
Fly Caladrius!582TrophyTypeBlessed one who has achieved all achievements!
Gathered Power
Gathered Power95TrophyTypeYou have acquired 1000 Eter Chips! (Story Mode, Solo Play)
Tightly Grasped Glory
Tightly Grasped Glory277TrophyTypeYou have cleared all levels without losing a single life! (Started from Story Mode Level 1, Solo Play, Easy or higher difficulty, No Damage OFF)
Art Appreciation
Art Appreciation267TrophyTypeYou have unlocked all gallery images!
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