Cabela's Adventure Camp

PlayStation 3

Cabela's Adventure Camp Trophies

Most Earned

Greedy!30TrophyTypeCollect 40 coins in one level on any Kayaking, Biking or Wave Riding level.
Camp Star
Camp Star90TrophyTypeWin the Cabela's Cup.
Shoot the Rapids
Shoot the Rapids30TrophyTypePass Kayaking 1 under 1 minute 30 seconds.
Speed Freak
Speed Freak30TrophyTypeSpeed boost continuously for an extended period of time in Biking, Kayaking, or Wave Riding.

Least Earned

Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy185TrophyTypeUnlock all other trophies.
Golden Fever
Golden Fever31TrophyTypeCatch 25 yellow fish in Fishing 1.
Girlz Rulz!
Girlz Rulz!92TrophyTypePick a female character and use her to pass all activities at least once.
Exercise31TrophyTypeComplete 10 Coin chain jumps.
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