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Posted on 18 October 19 at 20:57
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Games based on popular TV tend to be awful. This doesn't buck the trend. Made by the ill-fated Telltale Games, this should have been a really good entry to their collection. Their best work was still to come. This is a relic in a time of poor point n clicks, before they really started to become a new force in the gaming world.

The problems come in the minigames. The bland and lifeless minigames that crush you almost to a point of boredom, having to put coloured blocks in a sequence to identify DNA, like some sort of backward game of Tetris. Fingerprint searches aren't much better, finding the gaps in the print to search for it is rather uninspiring. Fair enough, there has to be something to do whilst investigating, but could you imagine if Cole Phelps dod the same thing? "Yeah, wait a minute, Rusty, I have to put these yellow squares in a line."

The story is bland, not exactly like the show, but it leaves a lot to be desired, normally you can tell who the murderer is within the first few rounds of interviews. Not exactly a twist worth waiting for.

Voice acting is horrendous, it almost sounds like a Gorilla was opperating the volume control on the microphones in the booth. One character will sound normal, talking to someone who sounds like they're down a tunnel and shouting at you. The quality is no where near the same level as Walking Dead or Wolf among Us, it just sounds terrible at times.

Graphics are pre-cellshaded era Telltale, but then again, this is built in Ubisoft's engine. So, it isn't neccessarilly a terrible thing for Telltale. Although, in fairness, a game based on a TV show might look weird in cellshading. It did work for Back to the Future however.

It's an easy platinum, if you can be bothered to put yourself through it.
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