Chaos;Child (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Chaos;Child (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Digital Native
Digital Native15TrophyTypeStarted Chapter 1
My First Delusion Trigger
My First Delusion Trigger15TrophyTypeDidn’t Get Scared, and Tried a Delusion Trigger
Sumo Sticker
Sumo Sticker16TrophyTypeStarted Chapter 2
I Knew You Were a Wrong-Sider
I Knew You Were a Wrong-Sider33TrophyTypeGot It Wrong On a Mapping Trigger 20 Times

Least Earned

U-Umm…17TrophyTypeDiscovered Uki Yamazoe’s Chapter
True World
True World33TrophyTypeReached the Dark Sky End
TIPS Complete
TIPS Complete99TrophyTypeSaw All TIPS
Their Resistance II
Their Resistance II17TrophyTypeStarted Chapter 7
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