Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe-

PlayStation 4

Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe- Trophies

Most Earned

Entering The World of CHAOS
Entering The World of CHAOS15TrophyTypePlay the game for the first time.
Self appearance
Self appearance22TrophyTypeUse the customed color for the first time.
Hundred Kills
Hundred Kills55TrophyTypeGet total 100 matchs.
Feel the Power
Feel the Power176TrophyTypeUse Boss Mode character for first time.

Least Earned

Long Survivor
Long Survivor363TrophyTypeClear Survival Mode.
Chaos Expert
Chaos Expert363TrophyType[Mission Mode] Clear all the mission.
Chaos Code Maniac
Chaos Code Maniac726TrophyTypeCollect all trophies.
Ultimate Player
Ultimate Player296TrophyTypeClear Score Attack Mode.
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