Buzz!: Quiz TV

PlayStation 3

Buzz!: Quiz TV Trophies

Most Earned

‘He’s on Fire!’
‘He’s on Fire!’33TrophyTypeCorrectly answer ten questions in a row
The Barnard Award Bronze
The Barnard Award Bronze17TrophyTypeScore over 1500 points in a singleplayer game
Socialite Bronze
Socialite Bronze17TrophyTypePlay five multiplayer games
MyBuzz!™ Enthusiast Bronze
MyBuzz!™ Enthusiast Bronze17TrophyTypePlay one MyBuzz!™ game

Least Earned

Socialite Gold
Socialite Gold194TrophyTypePlay 50 multiplayer games
Lonesome and Loving It Gold
Lonesome and Loving It Gold179TrophyTypePlay 50 singleplayer games
The Barnard Award Gold
The Barnard Award Gold156TrophyTypeScore over 5000 points in a singleplayer game
Lonesome and Loving It Silver
Lonesome and Loving It Silver52TrophyTypePlay 20 singleplayer games
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