Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
USA Unholy_Angst Unholy_AngstBear down Chicago Bears. 58 3,117
Switzerland SonofS SonofS 0 0
England HardcoreGamer84 HardcoreGamer84 0 0
USA AGNOSTICMADBALL AGNOSTICMADBALLToday is my lucky day! Finally, afters days and years of trying, I finally unlocked The Three Kings trophy on Four Kings Casino. Luck base trophy. 59 3,181
USA Floorkiller74 Floorkiller74My decision on plus got a lot easier today. I've been working on my PS4 backlog. 3 113
USA PapiWhereAreYou PapiWhereAreYouTrying to boost games. 25 763
USA BearLind1993wwe BearLind1993wweWWE series is my favorite. 5 91
USA Skydude252 Skydude252FF5 PR is Platinum #236 (15 of 2024)! I am loving these pixel remasters, sad I'm nearly through them at this point. Endgame monsters get tough! 37 1,526
England ThePTrain89 ThePTrain89 28 886
USA mainlymay mainlymayfinally working through my ps4 backlog lol 21 511
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