Bulb Boy (EU)

PlayStation 4

Bulb Boy (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

First Blood
First Blood15TrophyTypeWhen you die for a very first time.
Headless Chicken Defeated
Headless Chicken Defeated42TrophyTypeKill the chicken.
Jessy C Delight
Jessy C Delight21TrophyTypeEat eyeball of the spider.
She Is Coming
She Is Coming21TrophyTypeSee a disturbing reflection in the hallway.

Least Earned

Tasty Larvae
Tasty Larvae15TrophyTypeKill 100 larvae.
Snotty Bunny Defeated
Snotty Bunny Defeated30TrophyTypeKill the bunny.
Plumber Remains
Plumber Remains15TrophyTypeIn the severs find the creepy thing.
Nice To Poo You
Nice To Poo You15TrophyTypeAfter eating the chicken don’t follow your gut feeling.
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