Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Trophies

Full list of all 21 Bubsy: Paws on Fire! trophies - 8 bronze, 4 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

    You've earned every trophy? You must be Bubsy's biggest fan!

  • Are We There Yet?

    Beat a level with any character. A Hero's journey starts with a single hero's step!

  • Hey, Big Spender!

    Buy something in the store. You're worth it!

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  • Antsy, Are We?

    Attempt to skip the loading screen by mashing buttons. Impatience is a virtue.

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  • Knit Happens

    Gather all the yarn in a level as Bubsy.

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  • Air Bub

    Stay in the air as Bubsy for ten seconds or longer. Enjoy your in-flight meal!

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  • Credits Where Credits is Due

    Watch the credits at the end of the game without skipping them. They made Bubsy's latest adventure possible, you know!

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  • It Takes A Village

    Play as every character in the game. They're nice once you get to know them!

  • How's the Weather Down There?

    Beat an Arnold level.

  • I Want For Nothing

    Complete a level without gathering any collectibles.

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  • Killy Crystal

    Smash 500 crystals as Arnold. All shell is breaking loose!

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  • On a Roll

    Beat all of Arnold's levels.

  • Armadonut

    Try on Arnold's donut costume. He looks good with sprinkles, doesn't he?

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  • Mest Your Tettle

    Beat level 3-9 without bonking as Bubsy. You're a natural-born bobcat!

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  • Famous Last Words

    Hear all of Bubsy's death one-liners in a single play session. You're gonna hear from my agent!

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  • Those Pesky Pop-Ups

    Play level 2-3 as Virgil...What do you mean, "This trophy is ALSO a pesky pop-up"?

  • GooFO

    Beat World 1's Boss. Where'd you learn to fire a laser like that?

  • Goo Grief!

    Beat World 2's Boss. I'm sending you my dry-cleaning bill!

  • Sit Back and Relax!

    You beat a Bubsy game! Time to update the resume.

  • Hooray for Consumerism!

    Purchase all of Bubsy's costumes. Those kids are good salescats!

  • Cats and Jogs

    Play through every main level with every character!