Brutal Legend

PlayStation 3

Brutal Legend Trophies

Most Earned

Got a Car and a Date
Got a Car and a Date15TrophyTypeCompleted "Welcome to the Age of Metal"
Start a Revolution
Start a Revolution16TrophyTypeCompleted "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Thick as a Baby's Arm
Thick as a Baby's Arm16TrophyTypeCompleted "Lair of the Metal Queen"
One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder17TrophyTypePurchased 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge

Least Earned

Hammer of Fate Champion
Hammer of Fate Champion34TrophyTypeWon 10 games on Hammer of Infinite Fate maps - ranked or vs. the Brütal AI.
If You Want Blood, You Got It
If You Want Blood, You Got It33TrophyTypeKilled 20 Tainted Coil units with the Disgorger.
A Face Like a Beast
A Face Like a Beast33TrophyTypeKilled 15 enemies with a Metal Beast while wearing the Zaulia Threads.
Cry Me a River
Cry Me a River33TrophyTypeKilled 20 Drowning Doom units with the Eye of Sorrow.
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