Brink (JP)

PlayStation 3

Brink (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

I live... again!
I live... again!15TrophyTypeRevive yourself
Boom!31TrophyTypeDetonate a HE Charge
The start of something big
The start of something big15TrophyTypeWin any mission, whether campaign or What-If
No I insist, you take it
No I insist, you take it32TrophyTypeUse the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate's ammo rather than your own

Least Earned

Time to sleep
Time to sleep223TrophyTypeEarn all other trophies
Well that was educational
Well that was educational37TrophyTypeCollect all Audio Logs
Tough as nails
Tough as nails108TrophyTypeWin all storyline campaign missions (not including What-If missions) playing either Online Versus, or in Hard mode
Time to start a new character
Time to start a new character108TrophyTypeReach Rank 5
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