Bokosuka Wars II (EU)

Bokosuka Wars II (EU)

PlayStation 4

Bokosuka Wars II (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Bokosuka 100m Run Award
Bokosuka 100m Run Award15TrophyType[Bokosuka History #2] The mysterious Emperor Ogores has appeared in the west, founding the Basam Empire.
Bokosuka 200m Run Award
Bokosuka 200m Run Award24TrophyType[Bokosuka History #3] Basam Empire has persecuted the Sren Kingdom, and in time, invaded it.
Bokosuka 300m Run Award
Bokosuka 300m Run Award24TrophyType[Bokosuka History #4] Sren Kingdom was devastated, her people driven to the land of Tou, far in the east.
Bokosuka 400m Run Award
Bokosuka 400m Run Award34TrophyType[Bokosuka History #5] There were only a few surviving warriors left, but King Sren never lost hope.

Least Earned

Pack-Llamy's 5th Appearance Award
Pack-Llamy's 5th Appearance Award15TrophyType1 Advance, Advance. Kick out an intruding foe. Aim at the enemy castle. Ogores must go.
Pack-Llamy's 50th Appearance Award
Pack-Llamy's 50th Appearance Award90TrophyType6 Recited through time, a Bokosukan warning, this is where it ends, all will be sleeping.
Pack-Llamy's 40th Appearance Award
Pack-Llamy's 40th Appearance Award30TrophyType[Dariei] The sun came without calling. Today is the one day I live. Swords and shields will clash.
Pack-Llamy's 35th Appearance Award
Pack-Llamy's 35th Appearance Award15TrophyType[Marika Terrace] Ah, metaphor of dancer's hands. Ah, metaphor of singer's hands. I met.. her.. for..
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