Bodycheck (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Bodycheck (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

First Blood
First Blood16TrophyTypeWin a match.
Keeper Turned Poacher
Keeper Turned Poacher23TrophyTypeScore a goal with your designated goalkeeper.
Four in a Bath
Four in a Bath26TrophyTypeCatch 4 or more players in an Icebath.
Icy Death
Icy Death30TrophyTypeKnock down any 6 or more players using one Shield of Ice.

Least Earned

Versus Champion
Versus Champion90TrophyTypeWin the Versus Tournament.
Triple Threat Champion
Triple Threat Champion90TrophyTypeWin the Triple Threat Tournament.
Triple Comeback
Triple Comeback15TrophyTypeCome from 20 points down to win a 3 team match.
The Big Dipper
The Big Dipper15TrophyTypeScore 40+ points with one player in a single match.
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