007: Blood Stone

PlayStation 3

007: Blood Stone Trophies

Most Earned

Fireworks at the Party
Fireworks at the Party15TrophyTypeComplete the Athens chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight16TrophyTypeComplete the Istanbul chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
00 Status
00 Status17TrophyTypeComplete last tutorial section
198417TrophyTypeDisable 3 security cameras using Bond's Smartphone

Least Earned

Speed Run
Speed Run53TrophyTypeFinish the Istanbul driving chase in under 2 mins 59.4 secs
No Claims Bonus
No Claims Bonus40TrophyTypeDrive to the bridge in the epilogue level without hitting any other vehicles
Blood from a Stone
Blood from a Stone239TrophyTypeFinish game on 007 Difficulty
Law of the Jungle
Law of the Jungle79TrophyTypeComplete Burma chapter on 007 Difficulty
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