Blood Drive

PlayStation 3

Blood Drive Trophies

Most Earned

Flesh Sack
Flesh Sack15TrophyTypeKill a Shambler while it's in mid-air
The Spice of Life
The Spice of Life20TrophyTypeWreck each Driver at least once during a single Event
Zombie Harvest
Zombie Harvest22TrophyTypeRack up over 50 kills in a single Killing Spree
W - Is For Winner
W - Is For Winner28TrophyTypePlace 1st in all of the Events within a single Zone

Least Earned

Blood Drive Master
Blood Drive Master816TrophyTypeGet every trophy in the game.
"O" Is for Overachiever
"O" Is for Overachiever380TrophyTypePlace first in every Event in Tournament Mode
Hardcore Cup Stomped
Hardcore Cup Stomped119TrophyTypeComplete the Hardcore Cup with Jackson
Hardcore Cup Slammed
Hardcore Cup Slammed119TrophyTypeComplete the Hardcore Cup with Bedlam
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