Bleed 2 (EU)

Bleed 2 (EU)

PlayStation 4

Bleed 2 (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Story Mode - Normal
Story Mode - Normal32TrophyTypeClear Story Mode on Normal.
Challenge Mode Amateur
Challenge Mode Amateur23TrophyTypeDefeat a boss in Challenge Mode.
Challenge Mode Champ
Challenge Mode Champ23TrophyTypeDefeat three bosses at once in Challenge Mode.
Story Mode - Easy
Story Mode - Easy23TrophyTypeClear Story Mode on Easy.

Least Earned

Platinum180TrophyTypeUnlock all BLEED 2 Trophies.
Arcade Mode - Very Hard
Arcade Mode - Very Hard90TrophyTypeClear Arcade Mode on Very Hard.
Arcade Mode - Hard
Arcade Mode - Hard30TrophyTypeClear Arcade Mode on Hard.
Arcade Mode - Easy
Arcade Mode - Easy15TrophyTypeClear Arcade Mode on Easy.
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PlayStation Sale Roundup for North America: July 31st, 2018

Discounts on Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Rogue Legacy, Far Cry Primal, Watch_Dogs 2, Battlefield Hardline and more

Posted 5 months ago by Rich Stone, 2 comments

Bleed 2 First Impressions

Bleed 2 is an action-packed twin-stick shooter that wants you to defeat tons of enemies in style. You play through the game as Wryn, The Greatest Hero of All Time, as she fights off a villain invasion.

Posted 9 months ago by Ethan Anderson, 0 comments

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