Bleed 2

PlayStation 4

Bleed 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Challenge Mode Amateur
Challenge Mode Amateur16TrophyTypeDefeat a boss in Challenge Mode.
Challenge Mode Champ
Challenge Mode Champ18TrophyTypeDefeat three bosses at once in Challenge Mode.
Story Mode - Easy
Story Mode - Easy21TrophyTypeClear Story Mode on Easy.
Story Mode - Normal
Story Mode - Normal42TrophyTypeClear Story Mode on Normal.

Least Earned

Who's Laughing Now?
Who's Laughing Now?90TrophyTypeClear the game with ???
The Greatest Villain of All Time
The Greatest Villain of All Time15TrophyTypeClear the game with ???
Platinum180TrophyTypeUnlock all BLEED 2 Trophies.
Lurking Offscreen
Lurking Offscreen15TrophyTypeFind a hidden health pickup in Arcade Mode.
All Bleed 2 Trophies