BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

PlayStation 3

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Trophies

Most Earned

Level One...!
Level One...!17TrophyType[Story] Watched "Previously on..." and "Opening" in Story Mode.
That's the End of That Chapter
That's the End of That Chapter20TrophyType[Story] Viewed any character's canon ending in Story Mode.
It'll Only Hurt for a Minute
It'll Only Hurt for a Minute20TrophyTypeCrushed your first Guard.
They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!
They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!20TrophyTypeUsed an Astral heat for the very first time.

Least Earned

All Others Are #2 or Lower
All Others Are #2 or Lower724TrophyTypeShifted the Continuum!
Mint Condition
Mint Condition333TrophyType[Gallery] Collected all of the...collectibles.
By the Power of Trinity...
By the Power of Trinity...33TrophyTypeBeat over 7 missions in Challenge mode using Platinum.
On Her Ladyship's Secret Service
On Her Ladyship's Secret Service34TrophyTypeBeat over 7 missions in Challenge mode using Valkenhayn.
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