Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition (EU)

PlayStation 4

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Level 1 - Normal
Level 1 - Normal15TrophyTypeClear Level 1 on Normal Difficulty
Level 2 - Normal
Level 2 - Normal15TrophyTypeClear Level 2 on Normal Difficulty
Spiked Boots
Spiked Boots31TrophyTypeUnlock the Spiked Boots Upgrade
Ionic Dash
Ionic Dash31TrophyTypeUnlock the Ionic Dash Ability

Least Earned

Space Captain
Space Captain101TrophyTypeUnlock the Space Captain Costume
Polychromatic Suit
Polychromatic Suit101TrophyTypeUnlock the Polychromatic Suit Costume
Level 6 - Hard
Level 6 - Hard34TrophyTypeClear Level 6 on Hard Difficulty
Level 5 - Hard
Level 5 - Hard34TrophyTypeClear Level 5 on Hard Difficulty
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