Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

PlayStation 4

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition Trophies

Most Earned

Level 1 - Normal
Level 1 - Normal15TrophyTypeClear Level 1 on Normal Difficulty
Ionic Dash
Ionic Dash33TrophyTypeUnlock the Ionic Dash Ability
Level 2 - Normal
Level 2 - Normal17TrophyTypeClear Level 2 on Normal Difficulty
Spiked Boots
Spiked Boots34TrophyTypeUnlock the Spiked Boots Upgrade

Least Earned

Space Captain
Space Captain110TrophyTypeUnlock the Space Captain Costume
Polychromatic Suit
Polychromatic Suit110TrophyTypeUnlock the Polychromatic Suit Costume
Level 6 - Hard
Level 6 - Hard37TrophyTypeClear Level 6 on Hard Difficulty
Level 5 - Hard
Level 5 - Hard37TrophyTypeClear Level 5 on Hard Difficulty
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