Blasters of The Universe (EU)

Blasters of The Universe (EU)

PlayStation 4

Blasters of The Universe (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Blinded By The Light
Blinded By The Light18TrophyTypePoint the laster pointer in Alwyn's eye
Destruct0r Pwned
Destruct0r Pwned21TrophyTypeKill the Destruct0r Boss
Spect0r Pwned
Spect0r Pwned55TrophyTypeKill the Spect0r Boss
Alwyn Pwned
Alwyn Pwned67TrophyTypeKill Alwyn, Virtual Space Lord

Least Earned

Video Rental
Video Rental15TrophyTypeFind Alwyn's Video Rental Card
Turtle Time
Turtle Time15TrophyTypeBlock 100000 Projectiles
Trooper Killer
Trooper Killer15TrophyTypeKill 5000 Troopers
Swarmer Killer
Swarmer Killer15TrophyTypeKill 5000 Swarmers
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