Black Knight Sword

PlayStation 3

Black Knight Sword Trophies

Most Earned

Let's start here
Let's start here16TrophyTypeClear stage 1
I English Read Good
I English Read Good16TrophyTypeRead every tutorial board
Three Star Chef
Three Star Chef31TrophyTypeUse a magic attack on the bread.
You call that an ending?
You call that an ending?31TrophyTypeClear stage 5

Least Earned

A True Knight
A True Knight425TrophyTypeClear Arcade Mode
Like a lion after its prey
Like a lion after its prey104TrophyTypeFinish the game in hard mode
Hard Worker
Hard Worker104TrophyTypeFinish every mission in challenge mode
Are you really the hero?
Are you really the hero?52TrophyTypeGame over, 50 times over
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