Black Desert Trophies

Here is the full list of all 20 Black Desert trophies - there are 3 bronze, 8 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.

  • The Master

    You are a Master.

  • The Rookie

    A small step forward among many to come. Achieved Combat Level 10

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  • The Dark Horse

    Getting the hang of it. Achieved Combat level 20.

  • The Veteran

    Strike with certainty. Achieved Combat level 30.

  • The Undaunted One

    Fight how you want. Achieved Combat level 40.

  • The Great One

    A huge step up. Achieved Combat level 50.

  • Volunteer

    Helping others is more fun than I thought! Achieved 10 contribution points.

  • Joyful Contributor

    Exhausted I may be, all else fails to matter amidst the joy of others. Achieved 50 contribution points.

  • Recognized By All

    All the residents in the territory recognize you and smile. Achieved 150 contribution points.

  • Rookie Explorer

    You may have a talent for exploring. Discovered 10 nodes

  • Skilled Explorer

    That steep mountain is to easy to climb. Discovered 30 nodes.

  • Pioneer

    You should be selling self-made maps for a living. Discovered 50 nodes.

  • A Man and His Horse

    Your butt might hurt. Achieved Training Level 11.

  • Derby Horse Trainer

    Time to commune with your horse. Achieved Training Level 31.

  • Artisan Craftsman

    Roasting, drying, and throwing... Oh wait, I didn`t throw anything. Achieved Processing Level 11.

  • Firm Machinist

    Need anything? There's nothing I can't make! Achieved Processing Level 41.

  • Reel Big Fish

    Have you caught a big fish? Achieved Fishing Level 21.

  • Fishing Guru

    One with the rod. Achieved Fishing Level 51.

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Black Desert FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Black Desert?
    There are 20 trophies in Black Desert - 3 bronze, 8 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of Black Desert trophies here.
  • Is Black Desert on PlayStation Plus?
    Yes, Black Desert is currently available on PlayStation Plus Essential, and higher tiers.
  • When did Black Desert release on PlayStation?
    Black Desert was released on August 22nd, 2019.