Birds of Steel

PlayStation 3

Birds of Steel Trophies

Most Earned

Take-Off15TrophyTypeTake off.<br />
Preparing18TrophyTypeComplete the Pre-War chapter.
It Was Easy
It Was Easy19TrophyTypeLand on an aircraft carrier.
Rookie19TrophyTypeEarn the second rank.

Least Earned

Hedgehopper49TrophyTypeDestroy 5 light targets on Midway Island on Simulator difficulty in the "Midway Atoll" mission.
Bird of Steel
Bird of Steel586TrophyTypeEarn all available Trophies for Birds of Steel.
Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter47TrophyTypeDestroy 5 enemy planes on Realistic difficulty in the "Battle of the Eastern Solomons" mission.
One of a Few
One of a Few47TrophyTypeLand on the Zuikaku at the end of the "Battle of South Pacific" mission on Realistic difficulty.
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