BioShock Remastered Reviews

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    08 Jan 2019
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    For a game that's 10years old, BioShock holds up incredibly well, even more than the two successors. It's 2016 rebirth is alot smoother in gameplay and graphics, Blind Squirell Games have done well with bringing it to current gen consoles.

    On Survival it's incredibly fun (even if you don't use New Game+), it obviously is a lot harder in its own right than playing Easy for all the trophies first. The best bit about the game is the usage of plasmids is a great idea that is still very much unique in first person shooters, most games tnat have toyed with the idea, haven't pulled it off as well. Being able to shoot fire, electricity, ice or even a swarm of bees is worth playing about with, it's also worth mentioning that on different difficulties, different plasmids are normally used to better effect. For example, Fire and electricity are the best on lower difficulties, but tend to be ineffective at harder difficulties.

    The glorious realm of Rapture looks even better in a 4k monotor or TV, its stark contrast between bright colours and darkness you'd often expect in a game about a dystopia is striking and still hits you the same way it did ten years ago. The story is still as amazing as it was all the way back then, Ken Levine really did pull out all the stops for the game. Shame he didn't really recapture the magic in the two following games. Don't get me wrong, Bioshock 2's Subject Delta is as much a poignant protagonist as Jack, but it is a far weaker story than the original.

    You'll struggle to find a younger FPS with the same clout as BioShock.
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