Binaries (EU)

PlayStation 4

Binaries (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Do Cross The Streams
Do Cross The Streams15TrophyTypeLearn something (very) important.
Just the Beginning
Just the Beginning17TrophyTypeBlue and Orange have died 50 times between them.
Great Scott!
Great Scott!22TrophyTypeFind out how to turn back time.
Fire and Forget
Fire and Forget24TrophyTypeFind the pew pews and the shooty bits.

Least Earned

The Best You Can B
The Best You Can B187TrophyTypeAchieve B Rank or higher on every level.
'S Pretty Good Going
'S Pretty Good Going187TrophyTypeAchieve S Rank on every level.
Open World
Open World62TrophyTypeUnlock every level.
No Time For Love
No Time For Love187TrophyTypeCollect Time Bonuses 150 times.
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