Ben 10 Galactic Racing (Vita)

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Ben 10 Galactic Racing (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Leapfrog15TrophyTypePass an opponent by jumping over/past them in Single Player mode.
Give 'Em the Slip
Give 'Em the Slip15TrophyTypePass an opponent while drifting in Single Player mode.
Air Show
Air Show16TrophyTypeTake out an opponent with a power-up while the opponent is airborne in Single Player mode.
Boom! Winning!
Boom! Winning!32TrophyTypeSuccessfully hit every opponent in a race at least once with any Power-Up in Single Player mode.

Least Earned

Ultimate Racer!
Ultimate Racer!246TrophyTypeEarn all trophies in the game.
Not Even a Scratch
Not Even a Scratch20TrophyTypeBlock/avoid 100 attacks using your Defensive Power in Single Player mode.
Outta My Way!!!!!
Outta My Way!!!!!41TrophyTypeSuccessfully bump 100 karts in Single Player mode.
Alien Force
Alien Force20TrophyTypeSuccessfully bump 50 karts in Single Player mode.
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EU - Playstation Store Update, June 26, 2014 If you've never heard of, you probably know the title as Out of This World from the 1990's.

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