Ben 10 Galactic Racing

PlayStation 3

Ben 10 Galactic Racing Trophies

Most Earned

Leapfrog15TrophyTypePass an opponent by jumping over/past them in Single Player mode.
Give 'Em the Slip
Give 'Em the Slip16TrophyTypePass an opponent while drifting in Single Player mode.
Air Show
Air Show16TrophyTypeTake out an opponent with a power-up while the opponent is airborne in Single Player mode.
Boom! Winning!
Boom! Winning!33TrophyTypeSuccessfully hit every opponent in a race at least once with any Power-Up in Single Player mode.

Least Earned

Ultimate Racer!
Ultimate Racer!244TrophyTypeEarn all trophies in the game.
Nothin' But Maximum Skill
Nothin' But Maximum Skill40TrophyTypeWin a race on any Advanced track without using an Omni-Node or Offensive Power in Single Player mode.
Not Even a Scratch
Not Even a Scratch20TrophyTypeBlock/avoid 100 attacks using your Defensive Power in Single Player mode.
Shattered20TrophyTypeDestroy 10 Shard Mines using the EMP power-up in Single Player mode.
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EU - Playstation Store Update, June 26, 2014 If you've never heard of, you probably know the title as Out of This World from the 1990's.

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