Beast Quest (EU)

PlayStation 4

Beast Quest (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Hey Puppy!
Hey Puppy!15TrophyTypeMeet Silver and have him join you.
With My Bow
With My Bow15TrophyTypeMeet Elenna and have her join you.
Treasure Finder
Treasure Finder16TrophyTypeUnlock 10 Bronze Chests.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter36TrophyTypeUnlock 10 Iron Chests.

Least Earned

True Hero
True Hero180TrophyTypeComplete all of the other trophies.
Hero of Avantia
Hero of Avantia90TrophyTypeComplete all Side Quests.
You Call That Magic?
You Call That Magic?47TrophyTypeComplete the Awful Wizard side quest.
Super Tom
Super Tom285TrophyTypePurchase all upgrades for Tom.
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