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Posted on 05 August 16 at 18:11
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This is a very fun game i suggest it for adults and teenagers. Anyways to start off my review this is a fps. (First Person Shooter) It has a lot of features such as changing the size of your screen etc. It also has a lot of different game modes. For Example It has Team Death Match (TDM) It has a game mode called conquest which i think you can use cars and tanks and stuff so if your looking for a different game then call of duty this is the game for you. It also has a lot of great servers and a great community. And depending on your internet spend you can find matches in a matter of seconds. (NOT EVEN JOKING BTW LOL) So if you like a realistic Fps this is the game for you. And I think this game is a 5 out of 5 because of how many features there is and the graphics too. smile Well as always have a great day. smile

By FAKEenops
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