Battle vs. Chess

PlayStation 3

Battle vs. Chess Trophies

Most Earned

Fighter16TrophyTypeWin a Classic Game by Checkmate (not Head to head)
Persecutor17TrophyTypePlace your opponent in Check 10 times in a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Immortal35TrophyTypeCapture 5 pieces with the same piece during a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Reckless17TrophyTypeMove your King to the opposite side of the board (Classic Game, not Head to head)

Least Earned

Vanquisher57TrophyTypeEarn at least a Silver Medal on every mission
Perfectionist170TrophyTypeEarn a Gold Medal on every mission
Maximalist340TrophyTypeEarn every trophy
Victor55TrophyTypeEarn at least a Bronze Medal on every mission
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