Battle of the Bulge

PlayStation 4

Battle of the Bulge Trophies

Most Earned

Preparations have been made
Preparations have been made15TrophyTypeFinish the tutorial
This is ours!
This is ours!22TrophyTypeCapture Bastogne while playing as Axis in Computer Opponent mode
NUTS!24TrophyTypeHold Bastogne at the end of a Race to the Meuse game as Allies in Computer Opponent mode
Peace24TrophyTypeObtain a draw in any scenario, while playing against any AI personality

Least Earned

Pieper Leader
Pieper Leader76TrophyTypeExit 1st SS Panzer from the map in Computer Opponent mode
Master General
Master General459TrophyTypeUnlock all other trophies
Breakout!229TrophyTypeWin as Axis with 100VP+ in Computer Opponent mode
Von Rundstedt Defeated!
Von Rundstedt Defeated!62TrophyTypeWin any scenario against Von Rundstedt
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