Battle Fantasia

PlayStation 3

Battle Fantasia Trophies

Most Earned

Serf21TrophyTypeClear arcade mode.
Start Me Up!
Start Me Up!21TrophyTypeOutside of training mode, use Urs's tauting to enter Heat Up mode.
Apples And Trees
Apples And Trees22TrophyTypeClear Urs's main scenario in the story mode
Plays Well With Others
Plays Well With Others23TrophyTypePlay a ranked match on PlayStation®Network.

Least Earned

Champion of Fantasia
Champion of Fantasia593TrophyTypeBestowed upon those who have been awarded with everything<br /> Battle Fantasia has to offer. Thanks for playing!
You Want Me To WHAT?
You Want Me To WHAT?287TrophyType'In single-player arcade mode, on a difficulty higher than NORMAL, survive Deathbringer's Apocalypse Flame attack and win the round with full health.
Curator43TrophyTypeUnlock 100% of the gallery.
With Our Powers Combined!
With Our Powers Combined!42TrophyTypeGet a 60+ hit combo with Odile and Dokurod.
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