Batman: Arkham VR

PlayStation 4

Batman: Arkham VR Trophies

Most Earned

To The Batcave
To The Batcave15TrophyTypeUnlock access to the Batcave
A Death in the Family
A Death in the Family16TrophyTypeIdentify the witness
Bite-Sized16TrophyTypeDiscover doll sized characters
The Last Laugh
The Last Laugh17TrophyTypeIdentify the murderer

Least Earned

Knight Out
Knight Out190TrophyType100% the game. Complete the main story, find all Riddler secrets and acquire all the trophies.
Bits & Pieces
Bits & Pieces62TrophyTypeDestroy all 18 CCTV Cameras, Fuse Boxes and AR Batarang targets
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass27TrophyTypeFind and zoom view on the Mad Hatter cameo
Fallen Son
Fallen Son54TrophyTypeAnalyze all four pieces of evidence from Batman's past failures
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Poll: What's Your Position on PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR has been around for about a year and a half now. While it hasn't lit the world on fire, Sony continue to support the hardware and interesting games arrive regularly. How does the TT community feel about PSVR?

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The TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2016

The votes have been counted, and it is now time to reveal the winner of the TrueTrophies Game of the Year for 2016.

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The Game Awards 2016 Nominees Announced

It's far from the only video game award show, but because of the outlets involved and its secondary duty as a teaser trailer landing spot, The Game Awards have made a name for themselves with the industry.

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Playstation Store Update: October 28th, 2016

We missed the week of October 14th because I was away. We missed last week because DDoS attacks prevented access to the Playstation Stores. This week, nothing is going to stop us and we have a mega roundup for you.

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PlayStation VR Launch Titles Confirmed

Sony has released the official list of titles confirmed to launch with the VR's release on October 13th, and it's quite a healthy list.

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