Baskhead Training

PlayStation 4

Baskhead Training Trophies

Most Earned

Baby league
Baby league15TrophyTypeBeat the first level
Not this way!
Not this way!16TrophyTypeCatch a ball with your hoop upside-down
Useless score
Useless score16TrophyTypeMake less than 4.200 points in Arcade mode
Amateur league
Amateur league33TrophyTypeBeat the first match (level 1-5)

Least Earned

What a muscular neck!
What a muscular neck!172TrophyTypeCatch a total of 5.000 balls
The student became the master
The student became the master345TrophyTypeUnlock all the trophies of Baskhead Training! #Baskhead
No pain, no gain
No pain, no gain172TrophyTypeCatch a total of 10.000 balls in any mode
Master league
Master league172TrophyTypeBeat all the levels
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