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Baseball - Breakthrough Gaming Arcade
Type Game
Publisher Breakthrough Gaming LLC
Platform PS4
Discovered 28 Mar 2021
Last check 28 Mar 2021
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Release date 28 Mar 2021

In the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series, play arcade games that express a Biblical truth!

In Breakthrough Gaming Arcade - Baseball, you're one of the super stars of the local baseball team! Be the outfielder and catch those baseballs! This game illustrates the need to pay attention to the important things in life! Based on 1st Thessalonians Chapter 5 in the Bible!

[Game Features]
-Simple game play and controls
-Classic styled arcade fun
-Biblical message
-A game in the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series

[This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...]
-baseball games
-games from before the time the CD-ROM drive was the standard feature among game consoles
-anniversary collections
-a gaming museum
-simple party games
-a flashback to the genesis and early origins of video games
-games with simple geometry graphics
-retro 2d pixel art baseball sims
-a base ball league and/or championship
-a baseball player simulator or manager
-a game for a man, woman, boy, or girl
-games for tween, teen, and young adult boys and girls
-games for kids
-college and/or professional / pro baseball
-gaming at an arcade cabinet
-arcade games not set during wars
-old styled games
-8-bit and 16-bit retro-styled games
-retro styled video game music, soundtracks, and graphics
-black and white games
-high score games

[About the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series]
In the games of the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series, you play arcade styled games that express a Biblical truth! Purchase more great classics in this collection of games playable on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 in the Playstation™Store today!

[About Breakthrough Gaming]
Breakthrough Gaming creates Christian themed entertainment in the form of video games, animation, comics, and related products! Visit us online at our official website today to get more information about our products!

Breakthrough Gaming Arcade - Baseball © 2007-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / Breakthrough Gaming. All Rights Reserved.

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