Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia)

Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia)


Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia) Trophies

Full list of all 27 Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia) trophies - 10 bronze, 10 silver, 6 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Silver star

    Complete ten missions with a rank of three stars

  • Guardian angel

    Complete all the protection missions without losing a single bomber

  • Bullet proof

    Complete a mission with no damage

  • Gold star

    Complete all the missions with a rank of three stars

  • Customise

    Upgrade all of your guns on one level

  • Chattering

    Destroy 15 enemies in a level with the machine gun

  • Aim high

    Shoot down a helicopter with the artillery

  • Big guns

    Complete a level using only the mortar and artillery

  • Gunner

    Get a rank of three stars outside of basic training

  • Shielded

    Complete a level without losing a single gun in a level after basic training

  • Abandon ship

    Sink an enemy destroyer

  • Beach defender

    Destroy all the landing craft in a level before they deploy

  • Chauffeur

    Get all the generals to safety

  • Gunnery sergeant

    Get a rank of three stars on 5 levels

  • Return to sender

    Destroy all the transport helicopters in a level before they land

  • Bombastic

    Shoot down 5 helicopters in one level with the mortar

  • Master gunny

    Complete every level with a rank of three stars