Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Bandit Six: Combined Arms (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

Chattering15TrophyTypeDestroy 15 enemies in a level with the machine gun
Gunner15TrophyTypeGet a rank of three stars outside of basic training
Shielded30TrophyTypeComplete a level without losing a single gun in a level after basic training
Abandon ship
Abandon ship37TrophyTypeSink an enemy destroyer

Least Earned

To the max
To the max37TrophyTypeGet maximum guns and armour
Stop the clock
Stop the clock37TrophyTypeComplete all the timed missions
Silver star
Silver star37TrophyTypeComplete ten missions with a rank of three stars
Return to sender
Return to sender110TrophyTypeDestroy all the transport helicopters in a level before they land
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