Bandit Six: Combined Arms

PlayStation 4

Bandit Six: Combined Arms Trophies

Most Earned

Chattering17TrophyTypeDestroy 15 enemies in a level with the machine gun
Shielded34TrophyTypeComplete a level without losing a single gun in a level after basic training
Bronze star
Bronze star17TrophyTypeComplete a mission with a rank of three stars outside of basic training
Beach defender
Beach defender36TrophyTypeDestroy all the landing craft in a level before they deploy

Least Earned

Land, air and sea
Land, air and sea280TrophyTypeBe victorious and crush all the enemy forces
Gold star
Gold star140TrophyTypeComplete all the missions with a rank of three stars
Stop the clock
Stop the clock45TrophyTypeComplete all the timed missions
To the max
To the max44TrophyTypeGet maximum guns and armour
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