Band Hero

PlayStation 3

Band Hero Trophies

Most Earned

Star Light, Star Bright
Star Light, Star Bright16TrophyTypeScore over 10,000 points while in a single Star Power deployment in Career or Quickplay
My First Gig
My First Gig16TrophyTypeComplete a Career gig on any difficulty
Platinum Blonde
Platinum Blonde18TrophyTypeEarn Platinum level on a Career Challenge
In the Moment
In the Moment18TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete a Band Moment

Least Earned

Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy466TrophyTypeEarn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Band Hero
A New Challenge Awaits
A New Challenge Awaits72TrophyTypeComplete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond
Face to Face
Face to Face35TrophyTypeComplete 25 online Pro Face-Off matches, win or lose
Shine69TrophyTypeEarn 555 Stars in Career
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