Banana Fighting

PlayStation 4

Banana Fighting Trophies

Most Earned

Don't Slip!
Don't Slip!15TrophyTypeFall into water 50 times in "Swimming Pool“
Greedy for bananas
Greedy for bananas15TrophyTypeGrab more than 50 bananas in a single game of "Grab Banana"
I got nothing
I got nothing15TrophyTypeAll players grabbed less than 10 bananas in a single game of "Grab Banana"
Lizard Trainer!
Lizard Trainer!15TrophyTypeUse lizards to hook opponents 500 times.

Least Earned

Watch out for traps!
Watch out for traps!15TrophyTypeGet sucked into tunnel 50 times in "Factory”
Watch out for cactus!
Watch out for cactus!15TrophyTypeGet knocked out by cactus 50 times in “Desert"
Transformer15TrophyTypeUse Banana Archmage to turn opponents into a chicken 100 times
The Stalking Demon
The Stalking Demon15TrophyTypeUse Banana Popsy's tracking missle to defeat 100 opponents
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