Buzz!: Quiz World

PlayStation 3

Buzz!: Quiz World Trophies

Most Earned

Sui-Pied18TrophyTypePie, and eliminate, yourself from a round of Piefight
Hard Boiled
Hard Boiled18TrophyTypeAchieve boiling point in a fast time
Soft Boiled
Soft Boiled36TrophyTypeAchieve boiling point in a super-fast time
Time Bandit
Time Bandit36TrophyTypeScore over 3200 points in one round of multiplayer Stop the Clock

Least Earned

Look good for the cameras
Look good for the cameras130TrophyTypeUse all the costumes for each character in a full game
Snap Happy
Snap Happy41TrophyTypeHave a photo taken for each moment
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior70TrophyTypePlay a game of BUZZ!™ every weekend for three consecutive weeks
Under the Radar
Under the Radar67TrophyTypeFinish a Crazy game without getting Pied, Bombed, Dunked or Stolen from
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