PlayStation 4

BRIKS 2 (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

30K points scored
30K points scored15TrophyTypeScored 30000 points in a level.
Fast player
Fast player15TrophyTypeCompleted level quickly to earn 3 stars.
Fireball fury
Fireball fury30TrophyTypeDestroyed 40 bricks with fireball.
High 5
High 515TrophyTypeAchieved maximum speed without losing ball.

Least Earned

Space levels completed
Space levels completed33TrophyTypeCompleted all Space levels.
Pirate levels completed
Pirate levels completed33TrophyTypeCompleted all Pirate levels.
Celtic dragon levels completed
Celtic dragon levels completed34TrophyTypeCompleted all Celtic Dragon levels.
BRIKS master
BRIKS master202TrophyTypeCollected all the trophies in the game.
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