BLEACH: Soul Resurreccion

PlayStation 3

BLEACH: Soul Resurreccion Trophies

Most Earned

I'll Try!
I'll Try!15TrophyTypeBeat 1 Story episode.
Victory!16TrophyTypeDefeat a boss using an Ignition Attack.
I Wish You Luck
I Wish You Luck17TrophyTypeComplete 1 mission.
What a Wonderful Power
What a Wonderful Power19TrophyTypeBeat all episodes.

Least Earned

I Will Transcend All
I Will Transcend All742TrophyTypeObtain all trophies.
Is That It?
Is That It?357TrophyTypeComplete all missions with all characters.
Now Do You Understand?
Now Do You Understand?348TrophyTypeMax out all characters' levels.
Devour, Glotoneria!
Devour, Glotoneria!58TrophyTypeDefeat 33,650 Hollows.
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