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Bayonetta Trophies

Most Earned

I'm A Bit... I Mean Witch.
I'm A Bit... I Mean Witch.15TrophyTypeExecute a Torture Attack.
A Primer In The Magical Arts
A Primer In The Magical Arts15TrophyTypeComplete the Vestibule.
You Want To Touch Me?
You Want To Touch Me?16TrophyTypeEngage Witch Time successfully 10 times.
Wicked Weaver
Wicked Weaver17TrophyTypeExecute a Wicked Weave attack while using<br /> Dodge Offset.

Least Earned

Acquire all Trophies
Acquire all Trophies407TrophyTypeAcquire all Trophies
Legendary Dark Witch
Legendary Dark Witch200TrophyTypeComplete all Chapters on 8 Climax difficulty.
Angel Slayer
Angel Slayer197TrophyTypeComplete all Alfheim portals.
The Path To The Heavens
The Path To The Heavens32TrophyTypeDiscover all Alfheim portals.
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