Attacking Zegeta 2

Attacking Zegeta 2

PlayStation 4

Attacking Zegeta 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Alienship Destroyer
Alienship Destroyer30TrophyTypeYou defeated the Alien Machine!
City Darkness
City Darkness90TrophyTypeThe city is becoming a dark place
Earth Protector
Earth Protector90TrophyTypeYou have succeded to protect the earth but a greater thread comes
Machine Discovery
Machine Discovery30TrophyTypeYou know where is the factory

Least Earned

The Mazer
The Mazer30TrophyTypeA greater challenge will be waiting for you
Secret Discovery
Secret Discovery90TrophyTypeNow the path is becoming clear
Robot Revelation
Robot Revelation90TrophyTypeNow you know what may come in the future and the truth will be revealed
Ranger Z
Ranger Z90TrophyTypeThe forest area is clear
All Attacking Zegeta 2 Trophies