Assault Gunners HD Edition

PlayStation 4

Assault Gunners HD Edition Trophies

Most Earned

Battle Mech Mania
Battle Mech Mania15TrophyTypeClear with all 3 Battle Mechs surviving
Space Cavalry
Space Cavalry15TrophyTypeClear mission 1
Welcome To Mars
Welcome To Mars15TrophyTypeDisplay main menu
One Squad
One Squad15TrophyTypeClear mission 2

Least Earned

Master Engineer
Master Engineer30TrophyTypeGet all body and leg parts to LVL 10
Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior30TrophyTypeReach pilot LVL 50
Research Mania
Research Mania109TrophyTypeGet all additional body and leg parts
Hero of the Battlefield
Hero of the Battlefield77TrophyTypeClear all additional missions on Hard or above
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