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9. Sequence 06

This sequence does not have a council briefing, as it takes place at the start of the first memory. It may seem short with only two memories, but these memories make up for their quantity in length.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 06

Sequence 6-1: The Jacobin Club

  • Snipers driven berserk (2)
  • Kills from hiding spots (2)

The council will berate Arno for taking his own actions without their permission but will allow him to investigate the plans the Grand Master had. Reach the building he spoke of and you'll spot la Touche hobbling inside. Start your infiltration by using berserk blades on two snipers, then killing them quickly before they can do any significant damage to the enemies below. Locate a hay bale after the snipers have been driven berserk, which should be on the west side of the first half of the courtyard. Wait inside the hay until a soldier passes by, giving you one of two kills from hiding spots. You can then try using a cherry bomb or using a booth on the east side of the courtyard for your other hidden kill. If you get spotted on your way to the booth, use a smoke bomb and rush into it before the enemies spot you.

When you've had your fun and have dealt with the optional objectives, walk through the front door and get closer to la Touche. When you find him, stay hidden in the large crowds so you remain undetected. Trail him and his allies as he moves upstairs to meet with another Templar; this guy at the top is particularly evil and will throw a man out an open window - this is going to be important later. Tail the Templars and find a place to eavesdrop on their meeting to learn their next course of action.

After hearing what might happen next, lots of soldiers will be looking for you, as they've somehow determined that a spy has entered the area. Sneak past or fight all of them as you make your way back to that open window that a man was thrown out of. This is a surefire way to escape the building, and it wouldn't hurt to use this window to escape the Templars' grasp.

Sequence 6-2: Templar Ambush

  • Headshots (4)
  • Double assassinations (2)

You will need the double assassination skill to complete the optional objectives. You don't need the double air assassination one, though.

Élise will not be home and is instead at the hotel she intended to meet Lafrenière at. Run to her aid and defeat her attackers with her, then escape to a large maze garden. It'll be inside this garden that you want to complete both optional objectives. Scope the place out and look for groups of two, then make your way over to them and perform two double assassinations. With that out of the way, return to the tower and look for enemies to shoot in the head, preferably with the phantom blade for less noise. When you're done here, climb back up the tower. You can jump off the top of the tower towards the entrance instead of looking for a proper way out; Élise will follow shortly after regardless of the method you use to escape.

When you're back on the streets, more Templars will be coming for Élise. Work together with her to kill all of them as you try to get away. A final horde of enemies will appear near the end of the memory; Arno will tell Élise to meet him at the Café Théâtre and will offer to distract the incoming enemies. Kill them or escape to finish the memory.

Secret Meeting

Complete Memory Sequence 6.

Secret Meeting
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